"Etana has played a significant role in the growth of our business. Etana is incredibly brilliant and posses insane amounts of talents. Not only does she produce work that is out of this world, but she produces work in a timely fashion always ahead of schedule. Because of Etana we were able to win a major publishing contract. Our publishing contact said it was because of the design of the book that they even considered it as a potential project. I really can't say enough good things about Etana, if you are in need of a designer YOU MUST HIRE HER!"

-Steven Cohen, MS Chief Executive Officer | www.meyvnglobal.com

"Etana came to the rescue while I was building my site. I had been really struggling with a previous developer & she immediately put me at ease. She got my site to where I wanted it to be within a week & even walked me through the back end of things via Skype to familiarize me with everything. I HIGHLY recommend working with Etana!"

-Claire Wolfson 

"Etana was fantastic to work with. She took the time to understand my goals, and if anything helped me to focus my vision more sharply. I look forward to doing business with her again in the future."

"I recently moved here from back east and met Etana at a new job . I left and opened my own business shortly after. I hired Etana to create my business cards and stationary. Her work was very professional and her rates were extremely reasonable. I was very impressed . Later she worked on all of my retail labels, ten in all. Whenever I needed any changes during the process she was quick to respond and always had a great attitude towards the project. I would highly recommend her for your projects."

-Glen Feller

"Etana is a brilliant web designer! Etana has the ability to fulfill the vision of your website design, even when you are not exactly sure what that might be. She built the most beautiful website that my mind could have imagined! The best $$$ I have ever spent... Etana does not break the bank and worked so efficiently. I could not have dreamed up such a beautiful website to show case my art work. I am honored to have worked with such a beautiful light, in the design of my new website. Thanks Etana... forever grateful!"

-Janet Blumenthal | www.moodindigoart.com

"I'm DYING! Etana Holowinko is a miracle worker and made my site in the matter of days that is ALL meee!! THANK YOU is not enough for what you have done for me, Etana! Go check it out friends and then check her out so you can get your site perfected and off the ground! Yippeee!!!  L.O.V.E!!! Etana was up until the wee hours working on my site and had it live within the matter of days! PRAISES!!!"

-Julie Ann Costner O'Kelly

"Society Jazz and the creations of Etana are beyond measure.  Her creativity and passion for bringing out the best in marketing a business is matched by know one.  I have worked with her professionally and personally, she gives her all to making sure the client gets what they are looking for.  If you don't have an idea, she will help guide you into your best marketing self.  Or, allow her own creativity to flow, and you will be amazed at the results."

-Lynn Lowey

"Working with Etana is always creatively inspirational, thought provoking and a wonderful collaborative experience."

-Derek Hidalgo

"Etana is very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. She came to my rescue with Word Press and Create Space and is happy to answer technical questions I throw at her. It's such a relief to have Etana as a resource and my website expert."

-Joanne M. Deck, MBA, CWC  | www.joannedeck.com

"I have known and worked with Etana for over 5 years and have watched her grow and prosper. I am now fortunate enough to actually be on the receiving end of her creative and structural genius. She has re branded my existing company to align it with my original dreams and goals. We are in the final stages of rolling out this masterpiece and I look forward to experiencing the joys and fruits that all of her hard work will reap upon my clients, my family and myself. I am her biggest fan and would recommend her to any company or person who feels that there is more out there for them, but just can't figure out how to reel it in!"

-Brad Myers  | www.lifewithbrad.com